Locations map

On September 15, 2018, on the World Cleanup Day, we are expecting you, your family and friends at the greatest civic action in the world. On this day we will cleanup parks, beaches, forests and other public places in Moldova along with other 150 countries. If you want to get involved in Hai Moldova movement as a volunteer or as an organizer, please find the map below and contact your local coordinator who can provide the needed information.

Those who are in Chisinau can access the first map of locations and obtain the contacts of his local coordinator. We will cleanup 15 spaces in Chisinau, so do not hesitate to pick the one near your home. The same map, text version, can be accessed here: https://goo.gl/xjWtJK

For additional details, depending on where you are, you can contact:
Nadejda Cebotari, Regions Coordinator — 0 60 112 928;
Cătălina Hasnaş, Chisinau Coordinator — 0 60 296 296;
Călin Apostu, North Coordinator — 0 68 136 371;
Elena Crăciun, Center Coordinator — 0 68 386 641;
Colea Dishli, South Coordinator — 0 76 025 570;
Natalia Sercheli, Transnistria Coordinator — 0 77 981 752.

Those living in other regions of Moldova can access the second map of locations, where local coordinator contacts are indicated. The same map, text version, can be accessed here: https://goo.gl/utJ3o6

Help your country and planet breathe easier!